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about human buddies

HUMAN BUDDIES is a group of enthusiast volunteers, who wanted to be the change for Environmental and Social safeguard. In the phase of spontaneous development in progressing India, we cannot build better nation without public participation. Analyzing the need for the hour, HUMAN BUDDIES had denied to take back seat and rather decided to take charge for spreading awareness and knowledge. Our vision is to promote 'Healthy Living' within the sustainable terms and in due respect to our mother nature. Our believe is that we cannot keep on exploiting nature and it's resources irresponsibly.  There is only one rule to sustain on this planet and that is to respect and obey the principles of Nature.


We are working on different platforms to contribute ourselves delicately for the betterment of our surrounding environments and it's elements. Our activities include Tree Plantation Drives, Awareness Drives, Campaigns, and Promotion of Healthy Living . We also aim to provide better platform to all those small scale ventures who practice Eco-friendly methods and processes. 

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